Translations and sworn translations

Language combinations: Spanish-Dutch, Dutch-Spanish, English-Dutch, Dutch-English

The right translation is vital for your business and reputation

Make a good impression from the word go with translations that are correct and texts that chime with your target groups. Convince your readers by carefully chosen words and expressions.

A smooth and natural translation can help to persuade your target groups, can help you win that big order and send a positive message about your company or service. Accurate translation is vital in medical, pharmaceutical or legal texts, in sectors where there are huge responsibilities and financial interests at stake. In short: a professional translation always means a return on your investment.

I put your meaning, emotions and intentions into words in a different language

A professional translator does so much more than simply putting words into another language. A professional translator transfers the meaning of the words, the emotions behind the words and the intention of the author. In some cases, the translator will use completely different examples to yours.

Take writers who like to make their point through metaphors or idioms from their favourite sports. What if their particular sport isn’t on the radar in a different language or culture? If it’s translated word for word, it will mean nothing to the reader. That’s when a professional translator will suggest a different metaphor or expression which will both chime with the reader and convey the author’s meaning.

The certainty of a professional translation

Translations must always be accurate. But medical and legal translations need to go even further. Is the dosage correct? Does the text address the reader appropriately in different markets? Has the translator referenced the correct article of a legal reference? Do you translate the rule as it applies in the source language legislation or do different rules apply in the target language country?

And how can you make a translation for a tourist attraction that has true appeal to a foreign visitor. What cultural rules are at work? A professional translator takes all these factors into account. Which is why a professional translation is the best way to convince your target groups.

Do I need a sworn translation?

Sworn translations are generally required for documents required for a legal or official purpose: for instance documents that must be legalised, diplomas and degrees, birth certificates or other official documents that are required for government purposes (for instance at a consulate or embassy). If you’re not sure, please get in touch with me for advice.

How to submit your text for professional translation

Fill in your details and I will send you an estimate or answer your question as soon as possible. If you need an answer immediately, please call me on +31 637542569.

Karin Rijff-Molenaar, sworn translator