Editing and proofreading your texts

Perfectly presented texts make the best impression.

Impress your readers right from the start

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So why waste it? You want your text to convey your message effectively. You want your readers to understand your text from start to finish and not be distracted by needless errors in word choice, style or tone.

Your website should give your visitors a good impression of your business. Your texts should be faultless, easy to read and form part of a coherent whole. That’s how to keep people reading.

Set the right tone in your texts

Texts that have been properly checked and edited are texts that perfectly match the style, tone and register of your target group. Some people appreciate a formal style, others find it a total turnoff.

Not everyone can follow a complex or specialist text. Which is why your text must match your readers’ level of knowledge or comprehension

Texts that are fit for purpose and cost-efficient

Whether your text is informative or persuasive, a proper check will ensure it is fit for purpose. And cost-efficient.

Just imagine the costs of reprinting a brochure because of an error, or even worse, withdrawing a product because of a mistake in the list of ingredients. Costs no business likes to incur. A well-presented text is the visiting card for your company.

How to submit your text for editing

Fill in your details and I will send you an estimate or answer your question as soon as possible. If you need an answer immediately, please call me on +31 637542569.

Karin Rijff-Molenaar, sworn translator