About Karin Rijff-Molenaar

The driving force behind
Lengua Viva Linguistic Services

My name is Karin Rijff-Molenaar. As the driving force behind Lengua Viva Linguistic Services I deliver a range of language-related services to different customers around the world. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Communication and Translation from ITV in Utrecht, am authorized as a sworn translator by the Dutch courts and am a member of the NGTV (Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators).

Practical experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Before entering the translation profession, I worked in healthcare for over 20 years as a registered nurse. My specialisms included oncology, clinical research, gynaecology and emergency services nursing. My registration in the Dutch ‘BIG’ register for health care professionals is still valid.

I was actively involved on the executive committee of the employee participation body of my former healthcare employer. My substantial experience in the healthcare sector and my specialist knowledge of the terminology involved means that I am frequently asked to deploy these specialist translation skills on medical and pharmaceutical texts.

From patient files to the documentation required for clinical research; from medication leaflets to research reports and educational materials for healthcare professionals. As an experienced healthcare and language professional I always look for the perfect translation in the target language.

Sworn translator and specialist legal translator

Over the years, motivated by a personal interest in the judiciary, I have gained extensive professional experience in the specialisation of legal translation. Prior to that, I followed various more in-depth training courses in areas such as notarial translation, civil law, patent law, criminal law and criminal procedural law. I did this both in the Netherlands (SIGV, ITV-H, KTV, OCPE) and in Spain (Universidad de Salamanca).

Soon, my registration in the Rbtv will be extended to include the specialisation Legal Translator in Criminal Law/Court Translator. As a sworn translator, I keep track of my specialisations and registration and, out of professional as well as personal interest, I regularly invest in educational activities for continuing education.